Through the Years – The 90’s continued

1995 – Western Women’s Domestic Violence Support Network

The Committee of Management was approached by the Red Cross and asked to consider the auspice of a new group who would provide support to women who had left abusive family situations. The Western Women’s Domestic Violence Support Network came into existence and brought together a most amazing group of women who for the past 8 years have become leading advocates in the struggle against domestic violence.

This dedicated group today provides support to over 100 women per year. The network continues to train over 20 volunteers each year and a number of these women have gone on to paid positions in the area of domestic violence support or to further study in the areas such as social work and community development.

The mid 1990’s also saw some streamlining of Duke Street operations. A stable and committed Committee of Management completed changes and improvements. The house was now in the position to employ extra staff.