Mid 80’s

Through the Years – The 80’s

A ‘Woman’s Discussion Group’, focused on areas of women’s heath, fitness and discussion.

The 10th ‘Braybrook Community Newsletter’ was published at the Tottenham Technical School, informing the community of the activities conducted at the house.

The numeracy class consisted of simple arithmetic to computer programming. Help was offered to students having difficulties in maths and adults who needed a better understanding of metrics.

The Tottenham Technical School began to feel that the house should become more accessible to students and more informal groups were encouraged.


A local Committee of Management replaced the Tottenham Technical School. This began another era for the house as it moved to management by the local community.

A full time Literacy Coordinator was appointed. In March, the City of Sunshine approved plans for further works to the house.


The Sunshine Community Adult Literacy Program was developed, run by seven tutors who assisted adults with reading, writing and numeracy skills. There was also a scribe to help people to write letters, fill in forms and take minutes at meetings.

Students came from a variety of backgrounds including the Office of Corrections, disabled and ethnic communities. Intensive English courses were available to unemployed people, youth and migrants which were conducted three times a week.

The community house became incorporated and was supported by a part time Literacy and Basic Education Coordinator.

The house was registered as a T.A.F.E. provider after a public meeting was held. Because of the extremely socially disadvantaged community of Braybrook, Maidstone and Tottenham, there was a great need to provide a service for those wishing to enter the field of further education.