Kids stuff

Fun School
This is fun packed site for kids that includes puzzle and board games, online arcade games, activities for different aged kids, great maths activities and much more. It even includes sites for crusty ol’ parents.
Kids Down Under
This is an Australian site for kids that includes: LIVE Web Cams of beautiful scenes in Australia,an Aboriginal Dreaming Story and learn all about the Indigenous people of Australia, the Crocodile Hunter on his adventures as he explores Australian wildlife, great information on Aussie food and animals and a whole lot more.
VICNET Kids Site
This is a fantastic page of links to cartoons and other children’s activities. Among the large number of sites it includes site such as: Animated Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the Disney Channel, Flintstones and Hanna-Barbera, Garfield and Friends, Wallace and Gromit, WackyToon TV, Spiderman and Popeye Fan Club.
Cybersmart Kids Online
This site will help you and your family to find out how to be cybersmart and use the Internet safely.For kids and young people it includes: a young persons guide to surfing the Net, using email and chatrooms, the smart way .Parents can also learn important tips on safe ways to enjoy the best of the Internet, whilst protecting children from the worst. Teachers can use the lesson plan, online teaching resources and homework tips to help kids be cybersmart.
Just for Fun
This page is chocka block with links to great sites for kids that include: Baby Sitters Club, Barbie Collectibles, Bug Club, Children’s books and authors, Clown hall of fame, Craft Recipes, Crayola Fun Site, Digital Dog, Discovery Online, Family fun craft index, Freddo Frog’s Page and FunBrain. For more links you’ll just have to visit the site!
Supersleuth Kids
This is another great place for kids and parents to start. This site includes links to: Cartoons, Coloring Books, Crafts, Downloads, Games,
Juggling, Kites, Magic Tricks, Marbles, Nintendo, Online Games
Origami, Paper Airplanes, Paper Dolls, Play Station, Pokemon, Pre-School, Puzzles, Sega, Toys and Yo Yo.