Late 70’s

The 1970’s continued


A massive boost was provided when the house was given some extensive interior renovation.

During the first 5 years of existence the house had proved to be an essential ingredient in meeting the needs of all age groups.


The Community House became far more popular than anyone had anticipated, over 200 people enrolled and many others would drop in. One lovely student was eighty-nine years old, she would walk to the house each week to learn how to crotchet a shawl for her great-grandchild.
A program, which generated excitement amongst community members, was the camping program, the government gave a grant to buy a mini bus and the school’s Parents and Friends Association donated money for tents. This was to help develop the social and educational well being of the students

New classes included painting and drawing, creative movement classes gave people the opportunity to explore fields in areas such as Jazz Ballet etc.

A building program was completed during this year with the addition of new classrooms.