Mid 90’s

Through the Years – The 90’s

unding difficulties were hindering the progress of Duke Street at this time and long term projects could not be initiated. Unlike other community centres Duke Street did not receive funding grants from the local council, this made the position of the house one of survival, rather than functional.

Programs continued to flourish but the condition of the house was poor, equipment was broken, funding was limited and the carpet was threadbare. A small facelift was given by painting which brightened the place up. In an effort to raise funds the assistance of local businessmen was sought. Confidence of success in this venture was high and the newsletter “Duke Street News” published bi-monthly acknowledged donations or contributions.


The demand for childcare at Duke Street started to increase and the need for better and bigger facilities became evident. Funding was sought and granted from the Department of Recreation and the new extensions were completed. This soon became a very popular service. Today this facility caters for over 70 families per week plus a playgroup and is also used for classes and community groups. In 1997, a Brimbank City Council project called Greening Brimbank was started and the backyard of the house was re-landscaped with paving, a patio area and a BBQ.