Food handling

Food Handling – Level 1 (All Units)

Follow workplace Hygiene Procedures.
(Hospitality THHGHS01B)

Apply Retail Food safety practices.
(Retail WRRLP6C)

Apply Basic Food Safety practices.
(Food Processing FDFCORFS1A)

Food Handling – Level 2 (All Units)

Implement Food Safety Procedures.
(Hospitality THHBCC11B)

Monitor Food Safety Plan/Program.
(Retail WRRLP7C)

Implement the Food Safety Plan.
(Food Processing FDFCORFS2A)

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Public Access Classes 2004.

This course includes easy to follow workbooks and upon successful completion, an accredited certificate.

  • Facts about alcohol – standard drinks, BAC effects of alcohol.
  • Better business practices – preventing intoxication, preventing underage drinkers, refusing service while maintaining customer service.
  • Alcohol and the law – Who is responsible?
  • Strategies for responsible service – house policies.
  • Monitoring your bar area – handling difficult customers.

To enrol in any Food Handling, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Work in Retail or Safety in the Workplace – phone The Clean Food Company on 1300 665 633 OR Duke Street Community House on 9311 9973.