Duke Street Community House Staff 2003:

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Image of Bronwen MerriganBronwen Merrigan- ManagerBronwyn has been at Duke Street for seven years, having been in community work since 1987, including the YMCA and the City of Footscraybut she loves being here most of all. Bronwyn is married with two grown children, likes walking her large dalmation puppy,Toby, is involved in her church work and loves travelling around Victoria, especially Torquay.
Image of Simona MeliSimona Melli-AdministratorSimona has worked here for over eight years. She has an olive skin with big brown eyes that go with her Maltese background.She loves to travel,cook and collect sea shells. Simone has a dog called Zac who she rescued from the Lost Dog’s Home..
Image of Lyn BondLyn Bond-Information Technology TutorLyn has been here for nearly four years and keeps her cool despite her noisy students(us). She is married with two sons and lives in the country with many animals including her geriatric horse Slim. She loves her garden and spends many hours pottering. 
Image of Evelyn RossEvelyn Ross – Information Technology TutorA few years ago, Evelyn enrolled in Duke Street Community House computer classes and further developed her computer skills. Evelyn’s passion for computers and Multimedia was kindled, and she is now pursuing a Masters degree in Multimedia Education. She also teaches psychology at Victoria University. Evelyn lives locally, with her partner and two cats.
Image of Rhonda CollinsRhonda Collins-BookeeperRhonda has been in the House for eleven years,starting off through Job Placement, next as a volunteer and now as a part-time paid employee. She lives locally with her mother but is kept busy doing the books for the Rosamond Bowling Club and Neighbourhood Watch and is also a hospital visitor for her elderly neighbours. Rhonda is a devoted Bulldogs fan and vents her frustrations at the games. 
Image of Jenny MelouryJenny Meloury- Assistant AdministratorJenny has been involved in many subjects since she started here in 1997. Firstly she was a student before becoming a volunteer reading helper. Next she helped three disabled students with their reading and writing and now is a part time Assistant Adminstrator to Simone. Her spare time is taken up helping make costumes for her daughter who runs a dance studio.
Image of Anne HouseAnne House-ESL TutorAnne is a comparative newcomer, being here since October 2002. She has taught ESL in Richmond and very much enjoys the challenge. She is married with three young adult children who live at home. Also at home is a 12 year old dalmation and a blue-tongue lizard. Anne loves reading, walking and socialising in her limited spare time.
Image of Tania PanayiTania Panayi-Child Care SupervisorTania has been supervisor here for two and a half years and has worked in childcare for sixteen years. She is married with two children 6 and 12 now living in Werribee. Tania is doing a Diploma Course to go with her Traineeship. She loves reading, walking and country music and is enrolled at Duke Street studying computers.
Image of Rebecca HennessyRebecca Hennesy-Child Care AssistantRebecca is also a newcomer but has been in childcare for three years. She is commencing a Traineeship soon because she loves the children and the routine. She has a 22 month old son ,Tyler, who attends a creche Rebecca loves reading and watching documentaries.
Dale Pobega – ESL TutorDale Pobega has worked at Duke St at various stages over the last 13 years, teaching ESL, literacy, working in the area of language and computers. He has been involved in on-line education and runs a consultancy part-time. He is currently teaching English at lower and Intermediate levels as well as ESL with computers. Dale is committed to the Adult Community Education Sector and enjoys working at Duke St.