About Us

Our background

Duke Street Community House was set up in 1973 to provide the local community with a place to meet, learn new skills and share some fun times. Duke Street Community House is a small community house in Sunshine, a suburb in Melbourne’s western metropolitan region. Duke Street has a long history of community involvement, provision and educational leadership.

It provides a range of services to the local and surrounding communities. We conduct a range of accredited educational courses as well as a broad range of exciting leisure programs at a low cost.

We believe that the services and courses we conduct, contribute to the well being and collective wealth of our community. In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, developing a strong sense of community will help us tackle the challenges that affect us all.

Our philosophy

From the centre’s inception in 1973 and over the ensuing years the main principle of providing programs to enhance social justice, access and equity to its community remains strongly in tact today.

Duke Street Community House prides itself on this philosophy and the value of opening up lifelong learning opportunities to ALL individuals regardless of age, gender, race or disability.

This is evidenced by the range of programs that are specifically designed to meet the learning and social needs of particular groups.

These groups of learners generally experience difficulty accessing or participating in formal education and training. This is generally attributable to learning difficulties, low self esteem or feelings of alienation in larger formal institutions.

Our Mission and Vision

Duke Street Community House believe that all individuals have a right to enrich their own lives, through access to social, community and education interaction.
Encourage and expand people’s awareness of their own capabilities and opportunities.
Endeavour to identify and respond to social justice needs within our community.
Provide an open and caring environment where individuals and groups can explore and achieve their full potential.
Recognise and respect the diverse cultural and educational background of our community.