The 2000’s

Through the Years – The 2000’s

2003 – Where are we now?

The house strives to maintain a reputation for excellence. The adult education program has grown and the information technology area has become one of our significant services. Local community members have joined computer classes, many of them have never touched a computer before. Individuals have increased their skills and have gone on to work or further study. Students, who have left, often drop in to report on their progress and let us know that their Duke Street experience has changed their lives.

Staff and volunteers have taken part in on the job training, professional development, and apprenticeship training schemes. People who have started out as volunteers have found new pathways opening up for them and have started new careers.

The committee and staff have dedicated themselves to quality improvement and are progressing through the Australian Quality Training Framework system. Quality has always been an important factor in any project or activity that the house has become involved in; and while we would all admit that we are not perfect and sometimes the wheels do fall off, it would have to be said that committee, staff and volunteers have given it their best shot.

The relationship between Duke Street Community House and our local council has greatly improved and at present council is considering a proposal for the redevelopment of the reception and administration areas of the house. This would provide better working conditions together with a more accessible front entrance.

Some of our planning goals for the future include:-

  • Lobbying government for better resources and funding for occasional childcare, especially for special needs children.
  • Working with council to redevelop the reception and entrance area of the house.
  • Compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework.
  • Improving resources for Adult Education classes, English as a Second Language and Computers.
  • Expand and offer more community building activities and programs